Saturday, December 31, 2011

Farewell 2O11

OMG! 2O12? Where's my 2O11?! Damn, I just lost it. And great, what I've done around 2O11? I've wasted it just like that... But I'll never REGRET! Life must go on right? My 2O11 was full with sorrow, yet a bit taste of happiness.

The happiness of 2O11:

❤ I got new friends, new family members; sister-in-law + my niece. Aunty Im loves Hannah very² much!
❤ Abah bought me Nikon D90 instead of Nikon D3100 and graphic tablet Wacom Bamboo Pen & Touch.
❤ Went to Penang for my sem break; celebrating Joe's birthday.
❤ Had lots of time with college's friends.
❤ My coin bank is 99% full!
❤ Went to Langkawi to take my brother back home for good.

The sorrowful of 2O11:

✖ Some of my friend's changed.
✖ My heart broken into pieces. He left me without a SINGLE word. And some BULLSHITs play with my feelings.
✖ I was trying to be honest, but yeah I'm the one who have been blamed.
✖ Broken MP3 player.
✖ Haircuts.
✖ Two times eye operation. The first one isn't working.
✖ Accident. Again.
✖ Single lady until 31st December 2O11. True story.

Basically, I love to hope for something that will never happen :)

Oh ya, I know my header's quote "I made this blog NOT to become FAMOUS , NOT to earn MONEY . I FORGET things easily . Duh !" made people wondering. What I meant is, this blog isn't for me to gain popularity, and like the others did put ads to earn money. I made this blog for the sake of my like, I don't have a strong memory to remember all the things happened in my life, so I have to blog about it. Once I get OLD, I'm going to reread all the posts and cherish it. Well I'm just saying.

Good night and sweet dreams.

2O11, thanks for everything.